Ministries of First Baptist Church

Children's Ministry
To lay the foundations children need in order to become a follower of Christ, and equip them to exalt the Savior, and evangelize the sinner.

Deacon Family Outreach Ministry
The Deacon Family Ministry Plan is one of the many functions of a deacon, and it is a very important one. The Deacon Family Ministry Plan is a plan through which the deacons can join the pastor and church staff in ministering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each church member and family. The resident church families are divided into groups of around ten families. Each group of families is then assigned to a deacon who will minister to them over a period of time. This ministry will include visiting, witnessing, rejoicing with your family during celebratory times, giving support during a time of crisis, helping to find the answers to any faith questions, helping you find ways to serve, and praying for you and your family on a regular basis.

Ladies Bible Study
Taking a stroll through the letters of the Apostle Paul in the order in which they were written. 

Local Missions

Men's Ministry

Sunday School


Young at Heart
The "Young at Heart" membership at First Baptist Church, Elba includes all of the senior adults who attend FBC. The Young at Heat Committee consists of 9 FBC members who meet to discuss/plan various activities which include fellowship which take place in the church, dining out evenings, day trips, and when interest is evident some overnight trips. This is an effort by the church to provide social fellowship/social outings for the senior adults in the church. The First Baptist Church, Elba bus or van is used as conveyance for the social activities outside of the church. Ideally, the committee will plan at least 2-3 activities per year.

Youth Ministry
To teach students the 7 principles every teenager needs to know in order to equip students to impact their world, to exalt the Savior, and evangelize the sinner.